Friday, July 9, 2010

100th post, chapter to bed, and secret codes

It is the 100th Lozguist post, which is a rather exciting milestone for a project that I thought was mainly going to be used as a way of convincing my parents that I was alive while on fieldwork. But I've enjoyed continuing to post on my return, and I hope you've enjoyed continuing to read.

Another celebratory milestone has just been reached today; I've just finished the draft of the final chapter of the sketch grammar! Granted the whole document is full of things like 'find a better example', 'find a better reference', etc. but knowing that there is a bit over 20,000 of stuff written is comforting, and I have a rather clear idea of what I need to do to fill those holes.

In the wider world, United States Cyber Command have created a flashy new logo with a secret code in it! Cryptologists and linguists have a long history together, in fact sometimes figuring out the structure of another language feels like you're code breaking... Shame on The Age though for implying that nerdy and cool were mutually exclusive categories!

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