Friday, February 24, 2012

The disappearing field trip

The fun thing about a short field trip is the almost breathless pace life takes on. I came back the other day from 6 days visiting a Tam speaking friend in Chitwan, and after 2 days of sightseeing in Kathmandu with a friend I'll be heading off to Helambu to see just what the Yolmo there is like, before heading off to Lamjung for a week. That'll give me enough time to get back, get my laundry done and say my farewells.

This blog has taken a bit of a back seat this year. That's partly because of Superlinguo I guess, but also partly because this is no longer so novel. I'm used to Kathmandu, with it's shoddy electricity, cows on the road and chaotic colour. I'm also more relaxed and confident about exactly what the hell I'm doing with my work day to day. 

I'll drop back and report after my Helambu adventures - this is where speakers of Tam migrated from a century or so ago so I'm excited to hear what the language there is like!