Friday, June 4, 2010

Nominally Amused

This week I've started writing my nominal morphology chapter. That is, I've been writing about nouns, what they looks like, what they do, who the hang out with (shady characters like determiners, numerals and adjectives.

I always enjoy this bit, where everything comes together. I've noticed it's going much quicker than the verb section I wrote up a few months ago, mainly because I've been keeping notes since then and I'm finding the formatting a lot easier after practice.

I'm mainly writing this chapter now because it is the easiest way to figure out what I still need to check next time (I've been keeping a separate document for that, which is currently over 2 pages of dot-points long). I'm also writing it because I was looking at a calendar the other day and notices that I have my two year report due a month after I get back from my next field trip. I will have to have 20,000 words for that milestone so anything I can do before then is a big help!

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