Friday, June 11, 2010

Dictionary fun!

Today was threatening to be a slow news day - however the day has taken a surprisingly pleasant turn - because I've just made my first dictionary and I'm rather chuffed!

I have mentioned before that I have been using a program called Toolbox to keep track of all the words in Tam and also help analyse some sentence structure. One feature that I haven't been able to get functioning is the dictionary formatting process. The thing about toolbox is that it's nice and simple to use if everything is running well, but it's a bit of a tangle under the hood so if things aren't working well I either end up making a bigger mess, or being left completely flummoxed - occasionally both.

Having called upon the services of a number of people in the department a number of times this week, N. finally has got it working, although I don't know how and I'm not entirely sure he does either.

But the result is that with a few clicks of a mouse I've got myself the bare bones of a Tam-English-Nepali dictionary in the making!

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