Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh Brother Yoghurt!

Yesterday's session involved a bit of 'cleaning up' work - checking things over, and filling in some lexical gaps from what I'd collected so far. In a session on food items I'd negelected to get the word for yoghurt after being distracted by a prolonged dicussion about Tibetan butter tea.

I asked A. for the word, using Nepali, added it to my list and moved on. When I was going over my notes again I noticed that the word for yoghurt looked very much like the word for brother that was in a sentence below.

Checked with Asa again today, and sure enough, turns out yoghurt was a totally different word - but she thought I'd said 'dai'- older brother, not 'dohi'- yoghurt. The fault is all mine, my Nepali pronunciation is not always brilliant.

It did make me wonder if I'd ever have noticed the mistake if I hadn't had the two words on the same page. Maybe best not to think about these things...

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  1. Haha, Oh Brother Yoghurt makes me think of the time back in Grade 3 when we had to sing 'Sinner Man' for choir, and I spent months thinking that the song was called 'Oh Cinnamon'. Ah, mondegreeny goodness...