Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello, Goodbye

Hello sadly neglected blog! Another field trip looms - I'll be back in Nepal on Monday for the final PhD-related visit. It's only two months, which I know sounds facetious given that two months is a long time, but after the previous visits this one feels much shorter. I'll also be spending a week of that time at a conference in India, as though two months weren't short enough already.

It's been a big year of linguistics for me. Superlinguo has taken over much of my linguistics blogging time, but there have been other adventures as well. On the work front I managed to get a dictionary printed up, and I'm starting a small-scale dictionary project with speakers of a related language.

In linguistic activities not related to the PhD specifically, I wrote an opinion piece for The Age on the commentary around politicians' language. My friend Jill and I did some work on LOLcats, which we presented at ALS, and it was rather popular.

I'm looking forward to this field trip. It's largely going to be double-checking things in the thesis and testing some hypotheses that have come out of recent analysis. So the work won't be too strenuous, I'm confident my Nepali will come back good enough to get by, and I'm excited to see everyone.

I'll be back here posting about the usual kinds of crazy things that happen when working in Nepal, and I'll cross-post any linguistically related topics both here and at Superlinguo. And as always I look forward to sharing the experience!

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