Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RIP Sai Baba

Anyone who has spent time in Nepal will recognise the image of the afro'ed orange-clad Sai Baba. An Indian Hindu mystic, his picture can be found in shops, homes and micro-buses alike.

Sai Baba died last night - you can read an obituary in the Kantipur Times here, or a slightly different take over at my friend Brian's site here.


  1. Ok I found my way here because I follow superlinguo on tumblr just because I couldn't find an Ask box on the page and after reading your post about the name 'Wills' I wanted to comment that adding an '-s' on the end of a nickname is a common, albeit fairly recent phenomenon here in the UK.

    Becky > Bex
    Sally > Sals
    Camilla > Milly > Mills
    Libby > Libbs

    Come to think of it, it seems to mainly happen with girls names...

    Peace from a fellow linguist x

  2. Sorry I didn't even read this post before I commented, no disrespect meant. RIP Sai Baba.