Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trip Stats 2010/2011

Because it wouldn't be a field trip without keeping track of the important stats.

Days away: 160

Number of words currently in dictionary: 1215

Number of notebooks used: 9
Number of pages: approx. 464

Number of individual audio recordings made: 181

Weigh change: +6kg

Weight of bags on way to Nepal: 16kg
Weight of bags on way home: unknown
Number of bags of biscuits given to airport staff, thus avoiding knowing how over-weight my bags were: 1

Amount over budget: 23:47AUD

Number of hours spent on buses: approx 96

Top three most embarrassing moments:
1. Hitting a young child in the face with a frisbee
2. Burning a child's hair with a stick of incense
3. Having to step over a crying woman in a doorway at the funeral

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