Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today and yesterday has been gray skies and constant rain - it all feels much more like a winter at home than the KTM dry season. It's all very confusing, and makes navigating the streets even more difficult. It also makes doing work more difficult, with the constant rain it makes doing audio transcriptions quite difficult!

There's also been some very impressive thunder and lightening. One of the small towers at Swayambhunath got struck by lightening Monday night - you can check out the damage here.

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  1. "more like a winter at home"

    I think summers at home might become more like that too. I just left Andrew, Sara and others at the free Sidney Myer Music Bowl MSO concert (came home to cook some dinner and SLEEP). It poured on us just as the concert started.

    Oh, I just saw a flash of lightning outside.